The Wrapper Selection at Chocowrap

Feel free to browse through our selection of high quality chocolate wrappers, should you want something special and you cannot find anything suitable, drop us a line

All our current designs are shown below. Simply move your mouse over the image to see it in full size mode or click on it to open in a new window.

Wrapper:101 its a boy.

Wrapper:102 its a girl.

Wrapper:103 halloween orange.

Wrapper:104 champagne glasses.

Wrapper:105 merrry christmas.

Wrapper:106 surfer.

Wrapper:107 pink flowers.

Wrapper:108 train set.

Wrapper:109 football goalie.

Wrapper:110 girlie birthday.

Wrapper:111 clown birthday.

Wrapper:112 circles blue.

Wrapper:113 circles pink.

Wrapper:114 stripes pink.

Wrapper:115 stripes blue.

Wrapper:116 exploding champagne.

Wrapper:117 love.

Wrapper:118 hearts black.

Wrapper:119 hearts silver.

Wrapper:120 hearts orange.

Wrapper:121 pirate birthday.

Wrapper:122 booties.

Wrapper:123 over the hill.

Wrapper:124 barmitzvah.

Wrapper:125 stork.

Wrapper:126 easter bunny.

Wrapper:127 christmas sleigh.

Wrapper:128 18th birthday.

Wrapper:129 21st birthday.

Wrapper:130 40th birthday.

Wrapper:131 sprites and fairies.

Wrapper:132 dragons birthday.

Wrapper:133 birthday gadget.

Wrapper:134 birthday balloon.

Wrapper:135 animal birthday.

Wrapper:136 thank you lips.

Wrapper:137 horse.

Wrapper:138 sleepover.

Wrapper:139 popstar.

Wrapper:140 ballet.

Wrapper:141 flowers.

Wrapper:142 champagne.

Wrapper:143 balloons blue.

Wrapper:144 balloons pink.

Wrapper:145 christening blue.

Wrapper:145 christening pink.

Wrapper:147 wedding stylish.

Wrapper:148 plain ivory.

Wrapper:149 plain blue.

Wrapper:150 plain pink.

Wrapper:152 plain silver grey.

Wrapper:153 cute chick.

Wrapper:154 mobile phone.

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